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Thank you SO much for your willingness to participate in our event! Below you will find all of the information necessary for the weekend! 

Gentle Reminder

Please make sure (always, but especially in the next week) that you are not posting anything on social media like "Good Luck!"  "You guys will do great!"  

These are innocent comments, but perception is everything and John built this organization on integrity, so let's make sure we make him proud :) 


Not-So-Gentle Reminder

As a Judge in this organization, you have an ethical responsibility to judge all teams fairly, report any involvement with a team outside of the approved 2 hour session and to keep all conversations between judges strictly confidential. You have willingly accepted the expectations set forth by Showcase America Unlimited in the contract you acknowledged when signing up to be a judge. If at any time you repeat conversations that occur amongst judges, your responsibility as a Judge could be revoked.

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