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We are very excited to announce that we will have contestant registration this year! 

When you arrive, please proceed to the second floor of the hotel where you will find the following stations at registration:


At this station we will make sure that you have completed the following:

Submitted Evening Wear Bio

Submitted Photo/Video Release

Completed Payment

Previously Completed an Emergency Medical Form

Any admission tickets that were purchased will also be provided at this station


Secret Dance Buddy (Optional)

Back for the first time since COVID....our secret dance buddy exchange! If you chose to participate in this exchange, yo

u will receive your secret dance buddy's information (name and team) at this station. During the Dance Party on Friday evening with DJ Kacie!


At this station, you will have an opportunity to view the event program and purchase for a donation. Showcase America operates as a non-profit organization, so any funds that we receive are invested into the events we host and making those events spectacular! In past years we have charged a flat fee for the program. This year, we are accepting donations to help cover the cost of paying the designer and printing costs. 



At this station you will receive the event t-shirt in the size that you indicated when you filled out the evening wear bio. 

Music Check & Name Pronunciation

At this station you will check your music that you submitted and provide the correct pronunciation of your first and last name.

Evening Wear Modeling Walk Through

At this station you will walk through the pattern that you will be walking for the evening wear competition on Friday evening.  A diagram of the pattern and instructions is available by clicking here. 

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