Judge, Staff Member, Board Member shall create and maintain a professional image.  The creation and maintenance of a professional image imposes a number of professional and ethical responsibilities: 

  • Enhance the quality of dance education provided to competitors.

  • The Judge, Staff Member, Board Member shall strive to improve his/her techniques for teaching/educating all types of dance.  One shall make constant and consistent effort to improve professionally through continual study. 

  • Judge, Staff Member, Board Member shares a collective responsibility to work for the good of SCAU, to uphold its educational goals and standards, and abide by and uphold its Bylaws, Code of Ethics, Standing rules and other policies. 

  • It is the Judge, Staff Member, Board Member’s responsibility to maintain relationships with directors, coaches and competitors on professional basis. 

  • In addition, Judge, Staff Member, Board Member recognizes and agrees to the following:

  • SCAU holds a zero tolerance for harassment, abusive words or actions.  Dismissal will be immediate. 

  • SCAU recognizes that a higher standard of personal behavior is expected of a Judge, Staff Member and Board Member.  Personal behavior shall be legal, ethical and moral, and appropriate at all times.  Assistance shall be sought immediately if personal problems which affect ones public image occur and reported to Board Officers. 

  • SCAU takes pride in appearance and continuing the tradition of wearing Red, White and Navy Blue attire set forth by our founder, John Graham.  A combination of Red, White and Navy Blue is the required uniform and will be worn by all Staff.  Professional appearance is mandatory.  Example:  camisole must be worn under sheer blouse; leggings must be tasteful with top length covering front and back appropriately.  NO white leggings permitted.  Clothes need to be neatly pressed and clean.  Makeup and hair must be well groomed. 

  • Judges, Staff Members and Board Members are expected to be knowledgeable of SCAU competition rules, award ratings and placements. 

  • Judges, Staff Members and Board Members are expected to confirm judging assignments, cancel only in the case of extreme emergency, come prepared to contest at given report time and stay until Head Judge gives dismissal.