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Meet the Judges

Showcase America Unlimited judges hail from a diverse background in dance, theatre, and halftime entertainment.  All judges have passed a rigorous written test and have completed apprenticeships before judging solo.  Many of the judges studied dance collegiately, performed at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels.  Many of the judges own their own studios, have coached one or more dance teams, have taught summer camps and clinics, and have studied under the most prestigious choreographers in the country in New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Los Angeles.  Several of our judges have directed National shows such as bowl game halftime shows, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, commercials, and regional theatre.
Their mission is to use their love of dance to provide helpful, informative critiques that will help each dancer on each team learn, grow, and become a more integral member of the team on which he or she dances.  Judges also donate hundreds of hours every year in helping teams who request their specialized talents in instruction, polishing, or lecture skills.  Nearly all of the SCAU judges have "grown up" dancing on the SCAU circuit, and have devoted numerous hours giving back to the organization they loved when they were young dancers.

Our judges:

Ashley Klein

Ashley Schleicher

Bridgitte Hatfield

Carole Taylor

Cheryl Myers

Crysten Moore

Gloria Brooks

Heather Kamer

Jessica Foote

Jessica Shelly

Jody Cox

Joseph Farry

Karie Seubert

Katie Cook

Katie Gaskamp

Kim Nicoll

Lexie Childers

Linda Hall

Lindsay Lancaster

Lindsey Gruber

Mary Laile

Mindy Farry

Molly Gifford

Pamela Six

Stephanie Blakely

Tiffany Frost

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