2021 National Hotel Information

Doubletree Hotel:
Connected to the events center, but there are less than 10 rooms available-- great for small groups, but not for large teams.
Rate using our link is $119. http://group.doubletree.com/v8nrr

Hollywood Casino Hotel:
You can book on your own at any time. This hotel is less than half a mile from the event center. The hotel is a large one and rates are from $101-$139. The link to the hotel is https://www.hollywoodindiana.com/visit#hwlb-contact-us 


Cincinnati Airport Area Hotels:
Use the original Passkey link given to teams and posted back in January. The hotels at the Cincinnati airport are about 20 minutes from the venue (about the same distance as NKU would have been). https://book.passkey.com/event/50161745/owner/1352/home
(Holiday Inn at the airport is still available at $115 a night).

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