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We are so excited to announce that Jennifer Zmuda was our photographer this year!  The photos that Jennifer captured throughout the weekend are now available to purchase! Please click on the below links to access the pictures for the weekend. If you have questions, please email

Please contact your director/studio owner to obtain the password to view the photos. 

This gallery will expire on Sunday, March 5th. All competition participants are grouped in folders under their corresponding studio/team names.

There are 3 main folders: 

  • Formal Wear - All activities on Friday 

  •          - 2022 Queen & Dance Party images can be found in             the folder labeled "Other Images"

  • - Preliminary Competition - All preliminary performances

  • Finale - All Finals activity

  •          - Production number, 2022 Queen exhibition                         performances, and awards can be found in the folder           labeled "Other Performances, Awards, and Group                 Photos"

Digital Video Download

Knights Media Production is offering a digital download purchase of the event! This copy will be a higher quality than what the livestream displayed, and will not have the choppy or drops that the livestream experienced due to wifi issues.


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