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Showcase America Member Teams

Anointed Dance Academy 
Batesville High School 
Bejayes Dance Studio
Bejayes Dance Studio
Butler Kickline
Centerville Coed Cuties Dance Team
Centerville Coed Elkettes
Centerville Coed Juniors
Centerville Coeds High School Dance Team
Chenaulte Dancers Primary Team
Chenaulte Dancers Youth Team  
Wee Dixonettes
Elementary Dixonettes 
East Central Juniors
East Central Seniors
East Central Minis
Franklin County Dancz Catz
Franklin County Middle School
Hazel Park Baby Vikes
Hazel Park Hazelettes
Hazel Park Parkerettes
Hazel Park Starlettes
Hazel Park Vikettes
Intensity Seniors
Intensity Youth
Junior Expressions (Classic)
Junior Expressions (Select)
Leap of Faith Juniors
Lawrenceburg Dance Team
Lawrenceburg Dance Team 
Legionette Juniors 
Legionette Seniors 
Legionettes Minis 
Little Attitude Minis
Little Attitudes Elementary 
Lucid Senior Dance Team
Majestic Generations Elementary
Majestic Generations Juniors
Majestic Generations Primary
Majestic Generations Seniors
MCD Lazerettes 
MCD Rockettes 
MCD Stargazers
MCD Tenderhearts 
Mini Expressions
New Attitude Juniors
New Attitude Seniors
NWP Juniors
NWP Mini Classic
NWP Mini Select
NWP Seniors
NWP Youth
Port Huron X-Treme Elementary 
Port Huron X-Treme Juniors 
Port Huron X-Treme Primary 
Port Huron X-Treme Seniors 
Port Huron X-Treme Tinys
Reading Juniors
Reading Varsity 
Senior Expressions
Southport High School
Three Rivers Elementary 
Three Rivers Juniors
Three Rivers Primary
Three Rivers Seniors
Three Rivers Tinys
Tiny Expressions
Tipp City Devilaires
Ursaline Academy Dance Team
Whitehall Ramettes

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