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Scholarships & Awards

Hall of Fame

The SCAU Hall of Fame was conceived by the late great John Graham. Over the past decade, we have had the pleasure of honoring exceptional Showcase America Alumni, not only for their contributions on the dance floor, but also for efforts in community service as well as in the professional sector. These inductees have enriched and inspired many individuals in areas such as performance, adjudication, philanthropy, education, medicine and dentistry, to name a few. Our goal is not only to honor these outstanding individual achievements, but also spotlight their legacy to inspire todays SCAU dancers to develop a work ethic, persevere in the face of adversity and follow their dreams. Each and every SCAU Hall of Fame member is proof that with such qualities, anything is possible.


The Showcase America Unlimited Hall of Fame committee invites you to nominate an outstanding Alumni member to join this esteemed group. Please submit a letter naming the individual. Describe their time, experiences, and achievements while a part of SCAU. Tell us where they are today. Elaborate on their unique qualities and how they contribute to making a difference.

All nominations should be sent to Amy Vandergriff-Veldhaus ( and must be sent by March 15 each year.


John Graham Five-Star Award

This award is given to a dancer in our circuit who has overcome tremendous odds to
achieve what
she or he has.  Please include in your letter the obstacles she/he has
overcome and what
accomplishments have been earned.

All nominations should be sent to and must be sent by  March 15 each year.

Director of the Year

This award can come from parents, dancers, other directors.  Please nominate a director / coach you feel has worked diligently for the betterment of her/his dancers, the organization in general, and has accomplished remarkable things.  All nominations should be sent to and must be sent by March 15.  

Showcase Scholarship Program

If you are a high school senior and would like to apply for a SCAU Scholarship, please complete the application by clicking the link below.  Remember the deadline is March 15. 

SCAU Scholarship Application

eral infoation. The best letters add things that the committee cannot see through the other information. The writers might discuss work ethic, struggles the dancer n. The writers might discuss work ethic, struggles the dancer may have had, etc. They are more than just a piece of paper. There is obvious effort put behind the letter. (Usually 1-2 pages jam packed with Directors - How You Can Help Your Dancers

Our goal is to award ten (10) $1000 scholarships/gifts to seniors of SCAU member teams in good standing.  Here are the details and how you can help:

  • Deadline for scholarship application is March 15 each year.  Please help your students by providing a letter of recommendation and making sure all information (transcripts, recommendations, acceptance letter and resume are included).  If you know of corporations or businesses that would like to sponsor a scholarship, please contact Pam Six at (937) 371-3842, as soon as possible.  A representative from that company may even want to present the scholarship/gift.  Should a team want to sponsor a scholarship, the director may make the presentation. Your team may wish to sponsor a scholarship, even if you do not host a contest. Contact Pam Six for additional information.

Donations for the scholarship fund may be sent to:
Mary Laile

Attn: SCAU Scholarship Donations

All donations will be acknowledged for tax purposes.


Pam Six, Board Member

Chairperson, Scholarship Committee

Showcase America Unlimited

Scholarship Program
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