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2024 Showcase of Stars
Venue Information

We are so excited to host our 2024 Showcase of Stars event at this beautiful new venue! Below you will find additional information on this venue. 
APAC Outside.jpg

Arbogast Performing Arts Center (APAC)

Important Information

Bottled water only in the Auditorium

No tape on surfaces or walls unless approved by APAC staff

Restrooms - both sides of the 1st and 2nd levels

Address & Directions

Arbogast Performing Arts Center (APAC)

500 S. Dorset Rd

Troy, Ohio 45377

NOTE: IF COMING FROM NORTH OF EXIT 74 on I-75 S with bus and/or trailer be aware of a roundabout at the intersection of S. Dorset Rd and McKaig Ave, roughly 0.2 miles north of the APAC entrance.


Alternative route: Proceed south on I-75S to exit 73, turn left on OH-55 heading 0.3 miles east to the intersection of OH-55 & S. Dorset Rd. Turn left on S.


There are plenty of parking spaces, including handicap spaces, around the venue and all parking is free!

Please note the areas behind the APAC building that are reserved for Showcase Staff/Judges. Please do not park in these areas.  


There is a drop-off area in front of the main entrance

(highlighted below in green).

​Please park in one of the following areas: LOT #1, LOT #2, LOT #3, LOT #4 or LOT #5. Handicap parking is also available and shown below in the blue spaces.


Loading Dock for Props

The loading dock is located on the northwest corner and loads directly into backstage. All props must be delivered on Friday evening during registration. Please email if you have any questions.

Stage Dimensions

NOTE: STAGE IS A CORNER STAGE and narrows into a “ V “ shape with max width at downstage proscenium opening and narrowest point at the most upstage centerline. Although this is a much bigger stage than the last few years, please still plan to utilize roughly 20’ x 48’ of the stage as we will have the center LED screen pulled down to the floor.

Dressing/Changing Areas

2024 Contestants - Main Dressing (Females) 

Troy Christian Elementary School Gymnasium

All female contestants will use the door on the north side of the APAC building to access this area. Contestants will have to walk outside, and it is approximately 16 feet from one door to the other. The yellow line in the photo below shows the path. Please note that anything placed on the gymnasium floor must have appropriate padding so that the floor is not damaged. Contestants will be responsible for any damage to the floor.

2024 Contestants – Main Dressing (Males)

Dressing Room A

All male contestants will use Dressing Room A located within APAC. 

2024 Contestants – Quick Change Room

Dressing Room B

Any contestant that has two solos can utilize this room and change into their second costume.

2024 Contestants – Quick Change Room

Green Room

All 2023 Winners will use the Green Room as a dressing area. Please note that only Primary and Elementary Winners may have 1 female chaperone/coach to assist in this area if needed.

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